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Planning Futures

The Mathmaticum is a non profit corporation organized to facilitate a lifetime of guaranteed income for the benefit of its members.  The Mathmaticum will also provide a financial guideway to enhance its members economic circumstances.

A Proven Approach

All dollars held on behalf of members shall be held solely in U.S. Government insured financial instruments and/or financial instruments backed by the full faith and credit of the U.S. government.  There shall not be any commissions charged against income as the Mathmaticum continues into the future.  All charges against income shall be solely administrative.

Why Us?

The Mathmaticum has no stockholders, only members.   All net income accrues to the sole benefit of members.  Distribution of proceeds shall occur no less than once a year.  The Mathmaticum's plan takes full advantage of proven mathematical formulas designed to maximize distribution to members until the predesigned conclusion of the Mathmaticum.

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